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The bus driver of the car catch the thief by the testimony of no

was spent to rescue the tour master more than 50,abercrombie pas cher,000 yuan, they couple years of his life savings. Once because the money can not continue treatment to scrape together some money to relatives and friends
tour Jianping relief to the nearly 20 passengers in the car, he shouted, There are two passengers react, stepped forward to help. In the arm pull, Yu Jianping see that almost was also stripped of a package of middle-aged man, indifferent to sitting in the car.

things over more than six months,longchamp soldes, the tour Jianping master related injuries, as well as the recognition of the courageous acts of still in the program, there are no conclusions.
this guy looks like a thin scholar, he was in the car helped tour master and fought against the only passenger, he will be one of the theft suspect to the police, his quietly to leave the scene.
in this event occurred 10 days after someone finally stand up and speak. The young man's name is stand up and testify for the tour master Pengyun Hu, Hubei,longchamp, the day of the incident, he was to travel from field to Meishan, later, he returned to the Meishan when I heard heard he was puzzled rumors,Armani Jean, so stand up and testify for the tour master.
fight midstream Jianping in Mito, spleen break the class into the Hospital after the removal of the spleen.
tour master eventually down the beds.

tube or matter Bus Station departure.

bus driver of the car catch the thief by no one seriously injured passenger to testify can not be identified courageous
He said: testimony provides a powerful help to the public security organs in case of qualitative,abercrombie, two murderers criminals admit that day of the incident Tour Master expose their theft, they drew out his sword before the attack.

today, saying, The thief wrestled injured,polo Ralph Lauren, the thief does not recognize their own theft, testified the car nor the man-made tour Jianping, Yu Jianping courageous behavior and injuries can not be identified, living in straitened circumstances.

be removal of the spleen,Ralph Lauren, Tour Master's immune system greatly reduced,lunettes de soleil homme, so is very susceptible to disease. But he felt that he must be working hard to prop up their own home.

events beyond the expectations of the tour Jianping, he did not expect the thief not only do not be afraid, but dare to assault under the watchful eyes. A disadvantage of the two, Yu Jianping. When the door was open, the two thieves travel Jianping drag to the vehicle, but also threatened to Tour Jianping two thieves dragged into a car, three people started fighting in the roadside green belts.
passengers, Yu Jianping, found that the two met a few times a thief. Thus, paying particular attention to. Travel to the Granville station near the stop sign, Yu Jianping found through the rearview mirror, a thief is tweezers one happen to have the passengers to get off tour to build a male passenger's purse. Ping stopped the car, he walked two thieves get off.
someone finally stand up

original attack both men were taken to the police station and insisted he was innocent passengers stolen then quietly left the scene, not only did not come to the rescue, even without assistance alarm.
8 road car, is one of the main bus routes in Meishan city, from the Bus Terminal bound for the pit mouth, passing through many lively streets of the city.

tour master the fight with the thief in order to protect the property of the passengers after the accident, there are rumors that tours Jianping not injured because of the protection of passengers and property , that two people up not to buy a ticket, the driver let him buy a ticket they do not buy stabbed the driver in the car on the knife. Another theory is the two murderers and tour master already has for the holidays, wounding their deliberate retaliation.

tour master a status quo

In fact, after the incident, courageous and did not get the timely approval of relevant departments, public transportation is not identified tour master is by work-related injuries.
this tour master thing occurred more than 20 passengers of the car, once people come out to testify for him.

CCTV set of six 22
rumors plagued tour master and his wife, they did not expect this thing to let everyone swim master as a hero, but at least you should give a fair statement. Why is there such rumors?
with a few enthusiastic members of the public came forward to help prevent crazy thief was brought under control. A passing car stopped, the owner called 120. Tour Jianping was rushed to a hospital emergency room. Pedestrians passing by on the police rushed to the police the two suspects brought to the big stone bridge police station. Pleasant rumors


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